ScanCoaching® is a registered methodology that has been extensively tested and tested over the past decade. As a ScanCoach, you will learn to use the complex data from psyray technology. The ScanCoach programme is HBO accredited and if you pass, you are officially certified.

Get to the heart of the matter

A ScanCoach uses Psyray technology to measure the energy and psychological condition at the cellular level.

This comprehensive diagnostic body scan shows what is going on with the client at that moment.

Break patterns

During the protocol sessions, unconscious patterns become visible.

The scan immediately reveals the cause of the blockages and thus the current process.

Concrete solutions

ScanCoaching is very effective and ensures a lasting change because it indicates where the development potential is located.

The client can only change himself, but the methodology helps to effectively find the most efficient approach.


Years of research


ScanCoaching Purpose

The Purpose ScanCoaching protocol helps you (in the crisis situation) to regain your passion. At different times you run completely empty and you can no longer find the energy to recharge. The questions that come to mind are about destination: 'Am I in my place?', 'Am I doing what I have to do?' and 'What am I doing here?'

ScanCoaching Vitality

In today's market, as a motivated and vital professional, you make a difference. As a successful employee who does better or differently. With a healthy dose of energy and drive. Who dares to excel and dares to rise above ground level, so that employers can build again and can do business creatively.

ScanCoaching Performance

The Performance ScanCoaching Protocol is intended for managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals who want to improve their performance in the context of 'inner balance, outer performance'.


The revolution in psychology and the revolution in you

  • Goes beyond common personality tests, stress studies, color tools and instruments

Beyond standard coaching

  • Brings you back to the period you have few memories of: before your fourth year of life, even into the womb
  • You are no longer (only) dependent on your story and you no longer have to dig
  • Provides in-depth insight into the cause of your current process and provides concrete solutions
  • Makes psychological patterns visible through the combination of technology, software and BigData

Time-saving and short lead time

  • During 3 months you will undergo a significant transformation in 5 sessions of 2 hours

Scientifically proven

  • Fifty years of extensive research and development
  • Supported by other scientific studies

Years of direct collaboration with original developers

  • Only party with access to developments and updates
  • Only party with worldwide license


ScanCoaching Academy

ScanCoaching Academy offers coaches, trainers and therapists training in the latest validated technologies and methodologies. The training courses make you the cause of the conscious and unconscious moods of your clients or patients at the most profound level. This allows you to offer concrete solutions that were unreachable before.



We are game changers, awakeners, unmasking. The silent force behind thousands of transformations. From people and from organizations. We give answers, answers you never found before. Not in coaching, training or other interventions. SpringShift uses ScanCoaching in the business market. Ernst Oosterbosch is CEO.

ScanCoaching Africa

ScanCoaching Africa started in 2019. With an inspired team of ScanCoaches and Trainers they bring Young Leadership to Africa. Peter Ndung'u is CEO.


De hedendaagse overdaad aan informatie zorgt voor onrust in ons persoonlijke systeem. Achter deze onrust gaan individuele, onbewuste programma’s schuil. Zou het ons niet een schat aan informatie en inzichten opleveren als we deze zouden kennen?