Fact of ScanCoaching

Years of Research
Total ScanCoaches
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What makes ScanCoaching unique

The revolution in psychology and the revolution in you

  • Get beyond common personality tests, stress tests, color tools and instruments


Beyond standard coaching

  • Takes you back to the period you have few memories of: before your fourth year of life, even into the womb.
  • You’re not (only) dependent on your story anymore and you don’t have to dig anymore.
  • Gives in-depth insight into the cause of your current process and provides concrete solutions.
  • Makes psychological patterns visible through the combination of technology, software and BigData.

Saving time and short lead time

  • For 3 months you will undergo a significant transformation
  • in 5 sessions of 2 hours.

Scientifically proven

  • Already fifty years of extensive research and development
  • Backed up by other scientific studies

Years of direct collaboration with original developers

  • Only party with access to developments and updates
  • Single party with worldwide license

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