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What makes ScanCoaching unique

The revolution in psychology and the revolution in you

  • Goes beyond common personality tests, psychological assessments and stress tests and questionnaires

Far more than standard coaching

  • Brings you back a period of little or no childhood memories; from the womb to the fourth year of birth
  • You are no longer (only) dependent on your ‘story’ and therefore you don’t have to dig any further
  • Provides deep insight into your core self and raises your awareness

Time saving due to short turnaround

  • During 3 months in 5 sessions of 2 hours you will experience a significant transformation

Scientifically proven

  • Already fifty years of extensive research and development
  • Supported by other scientific studies

Years of direct collaboration with original developers

  • Only party with exclusive access to further development and updates
  • Only organization with worldwide license
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