You have doubts about the effectiveness of the coaching programs attended by your top talents.

You wonder if your talent development team has enough objective information available to help developing talents effectively. And why development pathways take so long with the chance that rising stars will leave.

Or maybe you became quite despondent due to all those failed attempts to clamp down work stress and burnout. Especially when you calculate the overall costs of overworked employees; in cash but also in increased workload for the other employees.

As an employer, you probably want to increase the welfare of your employees. Working with a third party that uses an effective and objective tool that accurately identifies the wellbeing of your employees. That clarifies how to bring your personnel to a higher level of performance, help them to excel and add more value to the organization. Or a partner that helps you to understand why employees have an energy drain, so you can work effectively on reducing stress and absenteeism, resulting in an increase of work pleasure.

ScanCoaching measures the state of mind of a coachee and analyses the collected data, to finally expose the psycho-emotional patterns of this person. These data are the building blocks for the professional’s integral story and, further the source of the ineffective behavior becomes visible. It gives you a quick insight into the cause of someone’s imbalance, and you will note which development steps will be necessary to empower the employee. Further, the employee starts to (re)discover his passion or his personal calling unfolds. This intense awareness process is often the start of personal transformation and permanent change for the employee.

The professional is our main focus, while we also understand the employer’s interests and concerns. You want to minimize the cost and achieve sustainable results. Without compromising the development or recovery of your employee. Scan Coaching has gained a lot of knowledge, experience and expertise in the last ten years. We have been able to coach hundreds of people during that time. Our approach is objective, fast, profound, extremely effective and scientifically substantiated.