Ernst Oosterbosch – Director and Owner of ScanCoaching Nederland

Investigating and adventuring have always been in my blood. As a boy I climbed in tall trees to look as far as possible. Sometimes a magnificent view was the reward, sometimes the climb was a victory in itself. I still want to experience as much as possible to get a better understanding of myself and others. So far my life has been a voyage of discovery along side various teachers, going through proven methods, helping me to get to know myself on a deeper level.

During this trip, ScanCoaching also crossed my path a few years ago. This revolutionary technology confronted me with my tendency to compensate my behavior and its actual origin. That the body never lies, I knew, but the reading of my cell memory finely confirmed the impact of the earliest events of my past and hit an subconscious and more nuanced layer. Although my themes had become clear over the years, the ScanCoaching sessions, for example, taught me why I regularly ended up in situations where I was rejected and humiliated. In fact, I even searched for such situations unconsciously to show my surroundings in particular that I continuously get up undisturbed, even after a rough insult. I had never laid the connection of this dysfunctional part of my behavior with the history of my mother. In the past, the pain that accompanied me often used to go inside; I blamed myself for being hurt by others. ScanCoaching has increased my awareness in such a way that I have become more caring and milder for myself. And for my environment a calmer and more stable person. I could never have achieved this effect with reflection on my biographical story, or cognition, alone. Because of my personal growth, I decided to commit to ScanCoaching, both as a coach and as a co-owner, and stand for this organization and the technology. It is my drive and motive to show the world the power and clarity of the technique, that I truly believe in, hopefully resulting in more scope and impact.

Experience has taught me that everything becomes so serious and heavy when you are too busy, too tired, too afraid or too hesitant. You forget to enjoy, to play and/or to connect with yourself and others. I sincerely wish you to set yourself free from this, so you can experience the feeling of being in motion. ScanCoaching expands your level playing-field and gives you new opportunities to see and discover. Actually you arrive at your ‘tree’ again and see what this sturdy trunk with beautiful canopy can do for you even more; you can lean against it to relax, you can hide underneath, you can build a treehouse or you can climb again.