About the programs

ScanCoaching is currently the most revolutionary coaching method leading to personal transformation. It is profound, objective, clear, fast and incredibly effective! Want to know more? Click here!

If you really want to know why you keep running around in circles and still step into the same pitfalls.

If you are growing rapidly as a professional but you still have doubts about the direction. If you want to gain insight into the deepest blockages that stop you from being empowered.

If you want to move forward and want it all but you experience physical protest and objections.

We will give you the answers, far beyond the story that you’re telling yourself or others you have instilled. Far beyond the story you have told yourself or that others have instilled you. We tell you the story your body already knows.

A program of 5 sessions of 2 hours requires an investment of € 3,475 excluding VAT. A QuickScan of 1 hour costs € 395 excluding VAT.

A program consists of 5 intensive sessions of 2 hours. The time between sessions is 2 to 3 weeks so you will have the time to let insights settle and to experiment with new behavior. In total a program takes about 3 months.

We are flexible and either come to your office, to your home or you come to our Leyduin Estate at Vogelenzang. Either, we come to your office, to your home or you come to our Leyduin Estate at Vogelenzang.

Quite simply, the ScanCoach® places the NLS-Essence headphones on your head while you sit quietly in your seat. After starting the scan, the energy level in your body cells is measured using electromagnetic waves. You can watch the scanning process on the display. You will see energy values, curves and charts of your relevant vital functions and organs (e.g. brains, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, nervous system, cells and chromosomes). After the scan, the ScanCoach explains which psycho-emotional themes cause these imbalances. In concrete, clear language we will translate what your body just told you.

Because your awareness is growing and you are realizing what your believes and decisions are on a deeper and subconscious level, we think it’s wise to take some time and space after the session to settle and let all insight sink in.

Not a lot. Experience shows that during our sessions you become deeply aware of your themes. This leads to the necessary self-reflection, which often eliminates the need for supportive homework.

Development and awareness is our passion. For our customer and also for ourselves. That is why after completing a program we always evaluate with our customers and check with them what has been achieved and how we can improve. Also the obligatory baseline measurements by Soffos are positive and the so-called ‘Net promoter score‘ is 9.2!

What we often hear is that our customers have become more confident, more effective and more vital. That there has been movement and great strides have been made. Learn More Read the testimonials.

About the technology

The short answer is: yes.

The long answer is that since 1973 research has been done that underlies the current technology and methodology. Time and time again, a broad variety of people; scientists, professionals, politicians and laymen (totalling more than 7,000 people) have indicated that the outcome of the methodology is surprisingly accurate, inspiring, shocking and life-changing: high impact and in-depth information becoming visible in a short time.

A small group of people (about 5%) do not recognize themselves in the results. About half of this group of people say that the shared information staggered them for a period (days or weeks) and yet it was applicable later in their lives.

The methodology does what it is supposed to do and is helping many people very well to reflect and to collect insights.

Can the technology not work and not be effective? Technically, it measures the degree of noise near the test person, measured at different frequency levels. That’s right. Just as well as that a bumblebee, according to the rules of physics, could not fly. But he flies.

Let’s look at the result: ScanCoaching is a methodology that does what it needs to do and is transferable. This means that the methodology does not depend on a special gift or ability or a personal bound result.

Finally, we all know that you learn how to swim in the water. So whether it works for you, you will only know after the experience.

Development and awareness is our passion. For our clients and also for ourselves. That is why after the program we always evaluate the achievements with our clients and we reflect on how to improve. Also the obligatory baseline measurements by Soffos are positive and the so-called ‘Net promoter score‘ is 9.2!

Our sound waves are completely innocent. Only people with epilepsy cannot undergo a ScanCoaching session because of the fast colour changes on the display during the Scan.

ScanCoaching is profound, objective, clear, fast and incredibly effective! Look for a further explanation under How it works .

About the People

The ScanCoach is a very experienced (business) coach who is certified in the ScanCoaching methodology and has basic medical knowledge. Each ScanCoach is a different person, so you will surely find your match with one of us. We are honest, warm and open minded. And we also share years of experience in developing people and challenging change processes.

The ScanCoach runs the scan and translates it into clear and concrete language. Only you can change yourself, but we support you, off course, to become more aware of yourself and your underlying patterns. And we help you to find the most efficient approach to develop new behavior. Our ScanCoaching programs such as Vitality, Performance or Purpose, will help you.

Also become enthusiastic to contribute to personal development and awareness in a new revolutionary way? If you, as a business (coach) or therapist, want to use ScanCoaching as an intervention in your practice, please follow the ScanCoach training at ScanCoaching Academy. For more information, see www.scancoaching.academy.


We are working on it, but unfortunately ScanCoaching is not yet in private health insurance. Fortunately, there are other ways to make ScanCoaching programs available:

  • Remuneration for employees and organizations through business insurance. Ask your employer!
  • Remuneration for entrepreneurs through disability Insurance.
  • In addition, entrepreneurs can deduct a ScanCoaching program as operating costs in their tax return.

Your details are safe with us and are not shared with third parties (without permission). On request, the scan data can be removed after the sessions. We remove scandata according to the GDPR law.

Yes! You can download it here .