Marko van der Beek MSc - Owner and Founder ScanCoaching

ScanCoaching Nederland was founded in 2010 by Marko van der Beek (1967), based in part on his knowledge of computer science (TUD) and natural medicine (medical university Omsk). In Omsk he was introduced to a Russian method to measure stress at the cell level. This reveals internal tensions that are linked to psychological aspects, which forms the basis for more personal insight and the work agenda for a personal coach.

The method has been further developed by Marko in the past 15 years with software and hardware, making it a professional has become a product that forms the foundation of ScanCoaching. Marko is a managing partner.

In addition to ScanCoaching Nederland, he is also active at the ScanCoaching Academy. This institute trains coaches who practice their profession either independently or as an employee of ScanCoaching.