The Performance ScanCoaching Protocol is intended for managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals who want to improve their performance within the framework of ‘inner balance, outer performance’.

“Performance” is the result you achieve, often the result of your actions and behavior, internally and externally. These are driven by your mission, identity, norms, values, beliefs and skills. However, the fact is that more than 90% of these processes are dominated by your subconscious. There is a huge gain in the final performance if unconscious patterns and (obstructing) automatic actions are made aware, better suited to your professional work environment and responsibilities.

This is a process that starts with uncovering the subconscious processes in your body through ScanCoaching. By using the unique and powerful Psyray Professional we are able to make this blueprint, in which also the essence of the processes in your body comes to the fore, thus also that of hampering processes. By tackling this “cause of the problem” in the coaching process, the hindrances in your body will disappear. This releases extra positive energy which you can spend on what you do want instead of what you do not want.

Performance ScanCoaching is an internal learning process. A learning process that you as a client determine yourself, in consultation with the ScanCoach and possibly the client, but the goal is yours. The basis of Performance ScanCoaching is that dynamic interaction helps you to transform yourself – this in contrast to one-way traffic such as giving instructions.

In Performance ScanCoaching we want to achieve that you are able to observe, improve and develop yourself. You will learn new skills that will enable you to take new paths. You will show more decisiveness, you will feel better balanced with more positive energy, you will have a better communication and sharper vision, you will be able to steer more effectively, have more influence, etc… Having coaching leads to you being able to meet even higher objective standards. You can continue to correct yourself and therefore continuously improve your performance.

In short, Performance ScanCoaching will push your existing boundaries, let you get more in your power and structurally improve your results.


The Performance ScanCoaching protocol consists of 5 sessions of 2 hours each:

Session 1: Goal setting, stressor mapping, current situation
Session 2: Limbic Profile and Self Tampering Programs
Session 3: Cause-Consequence and concrete steps to change
Session 4: Floor and Sequel Cause-Trackdown
Session 5: Result measurement, new input and closure

Workbook Performance ScanCoaching

All business protocols are accompanied by a workbook for the client. The 5 sessions can be tracked in this workbook. With this the client writes his own report. There are also detailed exercises that fit into the protocol and an explanation of the ScanCoaching methodology.