The Purpose ScanCoaching protocol helps you (in a crisis situation) to rediscover your passion. At various moments you run out of energy and can’t find the energy to recharge. The questions that come to mind are about destination: ‘Am I in my place?’, ‘Am I doing what I have to do?’ and ‘What am I doing here?

It is time to take stock and rediscover your passion. What makes you fall into the same trap over and over again? During the Purpose ScanCoaching program we look for the causes of your choice. This will give you insight into what you really want. You’ll find yourself again and you’ll get tools to pick up the thread again.

Purpose ScanCoaching is a total package that will help you to get out of this crisis situation and prepare you for your new future.

In short, a crisis situation in which you seldom feel good about yourself, your self-confidence has been shaken and you are less able to conduct a good (job application) interview.

In addition, Purpose ScanCoaching is a great help with career guidance in general to get an effective answer to the pressing question: is this still what I want? Or if you want to grow and unlock your full potential out of passion.

In each session a body-mind scan is made with the Psyray technology to monitor the process, adjust it where necessary and make it run effectively as a whole.


The Purpose ScanCoaching protocol consists of the following 5 steps:

Step 1 The vitality step: getting back into your strength.

With the Scan you can see how you are currently feeling: where are you in balance, where are you not, what is your stress level, are there energy leaks and if so, what is the cause of them? Then we will focus on helping to recharge the ‘batteries’ so that you feel good in your skin again and from strength can go through the rest of the mobility program.

Step 2 The performance step: unlocking your potential

Where are your resources and performance barriers? What are psycho-emotional themes and sabotage mechanisms? What is the state of the ability to act; mental resilience; the risk of failure and load capacity? These are the questions we will answer in this step. By becoming aware of this we can take concrete steps to unlock more of your potential and activate it for better performance.

Step 3 The talent step: your unique contribution

Everyone is unique with their own talents and qualities. In this step we make these talents and qualities conscious.

Step 4 The inspirational step: your passion and mission

Working from passion gives a lot of energy. Where is your passion? What is your unique mission? In this step we help you to make choices from your heart, your unique gift to the world. We help you to formulate your mission statement to make further steps in the mobility program from your essence.

Step 5 The creation step: from inspiration to realization

Now that you are vital, in your strength, have unlocked your potential, know where your passion lies and what your mission is, we make a concrete action plan. As a conductor of your working life, with renewed energy, passion and inspiration, you will set a focused course for the creation of an inspiring work environment in which you can give the best of yourself. This is a powerful basis for the further process of your job marketing.

Workbook Purpose ScanCoaching

All business protocols are accompanied by a workbook for the client. The 5 sessions can be tracked in this workbook. With this the client writes his own report. There are also detailed exercises that fit into the protocol and an explanation of the ScanCoaching methodology.