In today’s market you make the difference as a motivated and vital professional. As a successful employee who does it better or different. With a healthy dose of energy and drive. Who dares to excel and rise above ground level, so that employers can build and be creative again.

Unfortunately, reality shows that in these hectic times, this vitality is under pressure for many professionals. Complaints such as fatigue, exhaustion and stress seem to be the rule rather than the exception. According to recent studies by Stanford University and The American Stress Institute, 90% of all illnesses are stress-related. In addition, 40% of all sick leave is directly related to stress, which is also the case in the Netherlands (source: CBS).

As a professional in an organization, you get a lot of incoming action triggers every day through personal messages, emails, text messages, mail, telephone, fax, etc. But that’s not all, depending on your function: guiding customers, writing documents, making plans, budgets, keeping track of professional literature, acquisition, meeting marathons, policy notes, meeting targets… and much more.

In short: working is becoming more and more top sport. That’s a fantastic challenge, but as a professional you have to be equipped with the right (top) condition to effectively tackle these challenges and not let it become a ‘top sport’.

The Vitality ScanCoaching protocol can be a powerful answer to bring your vitality and performance as a professional to an optimal level, both measurably and perceptibly.What is Vitality? Vitality is life force. Being vital means being resilient and creative in dealing with outside influences. Vitality is a question of available energy. If energy is abundant and freely available, then an optimal exchange between body and mind will be the result so that you can perform optimally in your work. That is the goal of the Vitality ScanCoaching.

In practice, being vital means ensuring that your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ‘batteries’ are optimally filled. In the Vitality ScanCoaching this is what we are working on.

With the Psyray technology we are able to provide a detailed picture of your current vitality (and possible stress load) on all organ levels, cells and chromosomes in a short period of time. On the basis of this scan you and your ScanCoach will make a vitality plan that you consider feasible.

In this way we can help you achieve your vitality goal so that you remain ‘on top of it’ in your work.


The structure of the Vitality ScanCoaching protocol

The Vitality ScanCoaching protocol consists of 5 sessions of 2 hours each:

Session 1: Goal setting, stressor mapping, vitality picture.
Session 2: Short term vitality improvement.
Session 3: Long term improvement: your Personal Energy Plan (PEP!).
Session 4: Overcoming sabotage mechanisms, closing energy gaps.
Session 5: Deepening and finishing.


Workbook Vitality ScanCoaching

All business protocols are accompanied by a workbook for the client. The 5 sessions can be tracked in this workbook. With this the client writes his own report. There are also detailed exercises that fit into the protocol and an explanation of the ScanCoaching methodology.