Your life does not run well. In fact, you're stuck! In stubborn patterns or in excessively piqued. You feel trapped in a job or relationship and you experience a lot of stress. You want to get out of this negative situation but do not know how and where. Or you doubt whether you can do this. You know that your life could be so much more than this and at the same time you get tired of this thought.

You want to break this vicious circle. You want to prevent a crisis and not overstrain or end up in a burn-out or bore-out. You long to be vital and resilient in life. But how do you ensure a turnaround if you do not have focus and your energy decreases visibly? Have no idea where to start?

Vitality ScanCoaching Program

Vitality ScanCoaching helps you preventive or curative recovery from chronic stress, a burn-out or bore-out. We find out the causes of your choices that make you understand why you are feeling completely empty at different times. Furthermore you will get handles to recharge and you will notice that you go more vital and more resilient through life. You feel the care to yourself and you dare to choose more freely for what you want. Together with you, we work towards a complaint-free and fully job-fit result so that you, as a motivated and vital professional, can make the difference again.

A program of 5 sessions of 2 hours.