• Are you on the MT and are you looking for the right orientation to realize a vital development?
  • Willing to undertake a potentially confrontational journey of discovery for that purpose?
  • Want to discover the limiting beliefs that are present in the organization and among people?
  • Do you have the guts to look at the optimal movement from the meaning and purpose of your organization and to get started with it?

An in-depth perspective based on old wisdom-based pressure-cooker session of an entire day with the MT provides insight through insight. That is what The Navigator offers.


What it delivers to your organization

Getting answers to the question of which process the MT is in, what the cause is and what influence that has on your organization. Seeing the group processes and interactions that lead to a better result. And finally gain insight into individual themes that have a restrictive effect and that have an effect on the organization as a whole.
These three information flows are synthesized by us and made visible to the collective. The participants draw their own but divergent conclusions, which often lead to more cohesion and a clearer view of the common goal on the same day. In the various steps that are taken, participants also gain insight into the views of others and how this is reflected in the organization and their own views.
We visualize the organization to come to its own personal conclusions. Ultimately, this process leads to answering questions on a collective and individual level and provides insight into what is needed to achieve the desired results.
An extremely innovative and proven method

The Navigator brings together three in itself special methods, namely: Quantum Strategy Scan, Organizational Constellations and Scan Coaching. We visualize the organization on the underlying steering field, so that what is invisible becomes visible. We do this by collecting bigdata at three related levels: the organization as a whole, the group dynamics and the individual people of the MT.
We integrate the information we obtain through the various methods into one powerful process with unparalleled expressiveness. And all in one intensive day. The process is both revolutionary and complex. You can only experience this by undergoing it.


What it gives us

We are aware that we are living in a time when long-standing and successful business models end up in the danger zone. Clear deflection is often necessary, but which direction is possibly even more vague than the necessity. Just doing something is no longer an option.
With The Navigator, we help organizations and companies to reflect on their course and to identify the underlying most useful and practical ways. In this way we contribute to the growth power of organizations and companies, and with that the entire social system. That gives us a lot of satisfaction and is our driving force.


Take action

If everything goes according to plan in an organization, we can only congratulate it with a deep bow. If that is not the case and you know managers with questions about the meaning, growth and right to exist of their team or organization, then you may be able to increase the circle of lucky ones by contacting us