The ScanCoaching® model

In working with Psyray Professional, having a holistic vision is a logical and inescapable trait. Because as a ScanCoach you learn how everything is connected to everything and how the smallest relates to everything, defines the whole and at the same time is defined by it, you develop yourself almost automatically in the direction of a holistic vision.

The soul, mind and body form one dynamic whole. They are intimately and inextricably bound up with each other. It follows that you must always look at the whole and never at individual parts. After all, by looking at a part as if it were on its own, you cannot get any good analysis from it. When coaching from a holistic vision, the coach involves the entire individual. The ancient Greek word holon means ‘the whole’: everything is in its essence connected to each other.

A problem or complaint of a client therefore never stands alone. Physical problems (almost) always have a relation with emotional problems and vice versa. This certainly applies to ‘vague’ psychosomatic complaints. This does not mean that interpreting them can be done directly or simply. Let alone cancelling or changing the process that causes or maintains the complaints. Psyray Professional gives the possibility to look at the complaint(s) from various disciplines and from there to interpret the causes, to find solutions and in this way to promote recovery of the balance. Whether it concerns emotional strain without or with physical complaints.

The early programming shirks our conscious grip on things, but decides for the most part our entire life. Recognizing them, deciphering them and finding ways to change them is one of ScanCoaching’s strengths. Everything that develops from these programs over the years is only the result and not the cause of our basic structure. All problems that arise from this, right down to symptoms and illnesses, can be traced back to the earliest physical patterns. Finding leads and finding new solutions there means that we determine the earliest cause. If we change the cause, then we are also able to influence the resulting consequences.

5 steps of the ScanCoaching® method

The ScanCoaching methodology can be traced back to 5 steps that are performed to get from scan to insight. The methodology is focused on transformation. By working with core pieces, unique movements in behavior are created, which were not possible before. To achieve this we need 5 steps:

Step 1: Main markers

With 3 cross sections: Head, Thorax and Skeleton, we are able to visualize 80% of the current process. The ScanCoach is trained to know all energy values and to be able to make a story.

Step 2: The fractal tree

The fractal tree is a construct, with which the origin of the currently running process in the scanned person is found. Where with the scans of the head, thorax and skeleton you have already been able to read, understand and explain the ongoing process in container terms, you go into depth with the fractal tree. Where a person stands at that moment in his life is told within the markers of the head, thorax and skeleton at that moment. Instead of using container concepts, you work with the chromosomes with increasing precision: you map the origin exactly.

Step 3: The playing field

The current process does not take place throughout life. In order to get to insight where the process becomes visible there is a solution group which shows this: the attraction of the playing field on the present process. With this the client becomes aware when the process shows itself. This gives the ScanCoach insight to train the client to be ahead of the pitfall…

Step 4: The largest protection mechanism

Throughout life, people encounter obstacles and look for ways and behaviors to circumvent or solve those obstacles. By building up the fractal tree, people do gain insight into the way in which they deal with their process, but that certainly does not mean that they will (be able to) show different behavior. Not even if they understand that other behaviour would lead to more pleasant results. They are already stuck or at risk of getting stuck by beliefs that seem stronger than their own will. There is a protective mechanism active that maintains a certain programming. We call that protective mechanism the saboteur, since precisely that mechanism sabotages another way of dealing with the process and ensures that no other behaviour can be deployed. As a result people continue to do what they did and can get stuck. The origin of the process is maintained by the saboteur and it is therefore important to find out what the trigger of that saboteur is. In that case, the ScanCoach investigates in which situations the saboteur is activated. By investigating in which context(s) a person unconsciously, but also over and over again, shoots in his program, it becomes possible to change the programming of the human being. Other behaviour can be made possible as soon as you know in which context behaviour is automatically shown and how you can position yourself in those situations.

Step 5: Initiate movement

The point is that a movement is initiated in the client and that he gets the opportunity and feels that he can take a different direction. Initiating that movement is the core of ScanCoaching. Awareness is set in motion in the client and the intention is to bypass the saboteur afterwards. Bypassing the saboteur means that the client has been enabled to show different behaviour and consciously make a different choice than prescribed by his original programming, which he has been forced and forced to do over and over again until that moment.

Circumventing the saboteur is not possible in all cases and situations from one moment to the next. It requires attention, effort and/or practice by the client. He therefore gets homework, so that he can initiate the movement (the circumvention) himself and consciously strives to show other behaviour than the usual or ingrained behaviour or his autopilot: on occasion he makes other choices and can do so.

The client’s homework can be found from the chromosomes. There the solution group ‘Werkplan‘ is chosen from the directory of Psyray Professional.